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My work inhabits a line between subconscious and conscious. Through an iterative and intuitive process of building relationships and connections, my pieces evolve from ancient rules of stone mosaic, laced with spontaneity and expression of spirit. In a very digitally focused world, my work provides me and its viewers a tactile relief, a mandala-like experience to continually re-see the beauty of profane bits being reframed as sacred elements each day. Stone speaks stories of millennia in languages unknown. Time perception sees stone as static, but in reality it is ever-changing, incorporating the cycles of life, death and rebirth. Dance, movement, architecture and music influence the forms of my work. Playing with light, shadow and time, my work is meant to be contemplated and seen over and over, never once the same.

MUSIWA 2019 - Florence, Itally

Án Créatúr & Las Criaturas are in the MUSIWA 2019 exhibit in Florence, Italy until 20 July 2019