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The thing about mosaic art is that it is very intimate. Like a person, you may admire them but never be able to truly see or know them entirely. We, as artists work a line between subconsciousness and consciousness. And though not intending to hide things from you, we weave delights into our work to reward only those with patience, curiosity, wonder and appreciation into our work. If you stay long enough, like a mandala, it can transport you to other worlds.

Five Elements Postcard small

Five Elements (Wu Xing in Chinese 五行 ) is a fivefold conceptual scheme that many traditional Chinese fields used to explain a wide range of phenomena. It is the appearance of different forms of energy, or chi, at different times and as a response to each other. Similarly in other martial arts like Capoeira, there is a call of energy from one to another in an unspoken dialogue.